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Our Choice for Deadstock Fabrics

In our ongoing commitment to sustainability, we'd like to share a beautiful chapter of our journey with you:

Our conscious choice to use deadstock fabrics.

Deadstock fabrics, also known as surplus materials, are fabrics initially produced for another brand or project but unused for various reasons. Instead of using new raw materials, we've chosen to breathe new life into these unused fabrics, transforming them into beautiful, sustainable garments.

What makes the use of deadstock fabrics so special?

Waste Reduction

By using deadstock fabrics, we reduce the amount of textile waste that would otherwise end up in landfills. We embrace the idea of 'less waste' by giving existing materials a second chance.

Preservation of Natural Resources

The use of deadstock fabrics reduces the need for new raw materials and eases the strain on natural resources such as water and energy. We aim for a circular approach to fashion, reusing existing materials rather than constantly producing new ones.

Unique and Limited Collections

Every collection stemming from deadstock fabrics is unique and limited. This not only means you own an exclusive garment but also contributes to reducing overproduction in the fashion industry.

Local Portuguese Collaborations

We collaborate with local suppliers of deadstock fabrics who are located in the proximate neighbourhood of our ateliers. We support small businesses while simultaneously reduce our ecological footprint.

Empowering the Sustainable Fashion Movement

By embracing deadstock fabrics, we hope to positively impact the sustainable fashion movement. We aim to inspire others to make conscious choices and reshape standards in the fashion industry.

Our journey toward sustainability

Our journey toward sustainability is one of continuous evolution, and we're grateful to share this path with you. Together, we're not just creating beautiful fashion but also striving for a world where fashion is synonymous with responsibility.

Thank you for your ongoing support and dedication to sustainability. Together, we make a difference.

With love and respect,
The dão team