Something with glitter

Let's shine bright, baby!

For the first time ever, we created a mini collection using glitter fabrics. It seemed like a coincidence at first, but now I can see how fitting it is for me, for this moment in my life.

Wearing glitter is exactly what I need right now: it’s the perfect metaphor for the permission I want to give myself to shine bright, to allow myself to be seen. To radiate from my soft yet strong female essence.

Although the holidays are filled with cosiness and warmth, showing up at the Christmas dinner table as exactly the person I am, sometimes is a challenge for me. I have a sense that at times you feel the same way.

Therefor, I want to invite you to prioritize your own comfort over everything else this end of year. Let’s choose to feel good by wearing a comfortable outfit, without overly tight pants, dresses that ride up our legs, itchy labels and any other discomfort regarding our clothes.

This pretty mini collection of sweater fabrics with glitter was made in that spirit. The skirts’ waistbands are elastic for extra comfort - even when carrying a "food baby".

Every piece fits elegantly, while leaving enough room for you to move with ease. We created full glitter silhouettes, although every piece can be paired with other pieces as well. The short-sleeve sweater will elevate your favorite jeans, while the long skirt combines beautifully with a striped shirt of wool sweater.

This year’s last weeks, let’s celebrate softness, comfort and the beaming lights inside of us.
Enjoy shining bright, in small and big ways!

X Dauwke