Hi! We are Dauwke and Jan, the founders of mundo melocotón.

In 2007 we founded mundo melocotón out of sheer pleasure to make beautiful things. Together with our 3 children, our brand grew into the cheerful universe it is today. We love to spread good vibes with our colorful, conscious clothing and home accessories for kids (0-8 years), women and men.

Over the years, babies have been lulled to sleep in our soft rompers and soft sleeping bags, and our children's clothing has been loved and passed on to many siblings. Our dresses and jumpsuits have hugged women's bodies in all the right places, making them both look and feel great. (Yes, even if they crawl under the table in search of their children's toys.)

We are a family business and we create beautiful things that make you happy. We love to keep you and your family comfortable, while making a positive impact on our planet. We hope you love the little universe we created with mundo melocotón as much as we do!

Have a nice day and don't forget to smile!

Dauwke & Jan


Jan about Dauwke

A loving wife to me and a wonderful mother to our children, Dauwke is also the creative soul of mundo melocotón.

As our designer, she goes through life with wonder and takes inspiration from absolutely everything.

She is a force of positivity and brightens the day of everyone she meets.

Dauwke about Jan

Jan is the rock in our family.

As our tech and numbers guy, he keeps our little mundo running.

His kind heart radiates positive vibes and puts a smile on his face and ours.

Katia | the organizational talent

Katia works behind the scenes making sure our customers are treated with the most friendly and professional service. She also does all the necessary follow up on the production side and makes sure everything is organized in a nice and neat way.

Jane | the passionate agent

Jane takes care of France. By presenting our current and new collections in her unique and enthusiastic way, we ensure that we build a good business relationship with our French boutiques.