Daily Reminders

Collab with Eva Daeleman

daily reminders is called the dão x eva collection, which also literally acts as a daily reminder of everyone's birthright to feel good. Eva explains: “Many women are too busy caring for others and pleasing others, and don't make enough time for themselves. Our daily reminders remind you to take a break and get closer to yourself. For those who wear our collection, but also for those around them.”

..and now for the ladies!

Collab with Siska Schoeters part II

In 2019, we launched an exclusive collab collection together with TV and radio presenter Siska Schoeters.

This children's collection for kids from 0 to 8 years old was an instant success, together with the matching twinning items. The subsequent Christmas edition for the whole family flew out the door!

Because we only got even more excited, we put our heads together again and created not one but three new collections for 2021 .

for the whole famly

Collab with Siska Schoeters Part I

In 2019, mundo melocotón launched an exclusive collab collection with presenter Siska Schoeters for the first time. Siska, a mother herself, designed together with Dauwke, designer of mundo melocotón, a unique for boys and girls from 0 to 8 years old and for mothers! Their first collection was an instant hit and more followed soon, including a homewear collection.