How to find the right size?

Every baby or child is different, so the following information is only an indication. Size 50/56 means the baby would measure 50 to 56 cm. A baby of this size is usually between 0 and 1 month. This can of course always vary.

Taking the above into account, you can read the measurements as follows:
Size 50|56 = 0 to 1 month
Size 62|68 = 3 to 6 months
Size 74|80 = 9 to 12 months
Size 86|92 = 18 to 24 months
Size 98 = 3 years
Size 104 = 4 years
Size 110 = 5 years
Size 116 = 6 years
Size 122 = 7 years
Size 128 = 8 years

Are the colors of the products shown in the webshop always consistent with the delivered products?

One color stays the same, so yellow is yellow and pink is pink, but an image you see on the screen may look slightly different from the product itself. This depends on your screen type and your screen settings, among other things. But even on the best screen, a photo will always look a little different from the actual product.